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Tuesday, January 27, 2004
Smoke and mirrors La poudre aux yeux
That's what free expression is all about in Ripoublika Franska. Maurice G. Dantec is interviewed in 'La Spirale' and the magazine 'Cancer!' has created a special section dedicated to the question, as has (see right side bar). C'est bien de la poudre aux yeux dont il s'agit lorsqu'on parle de la libre expression en Ripoublika Franska. Maurice G. Dantec est interviewé dans 'La Spirale' et le magazine 'Cancer!' a ouvert une section spéciale dédiée à l'affaire, tout comme (voir menu côté droit).
UPDATE: To our English language readers, read 'Merde in France's' interview with Dantec. His publisher is considering letting him go simply because he states that radical Islam represents a danger for France and for the world. Dantec is also one of France's most outspoken, uncompromising, and unapologetic pro-American and pro-Israeli writers. Send your e-mails of support to his publisher. DERNIERES INFOS: Envoyez vos mails de soutien à Gallimard.


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